Eddy Walda

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Enjoy your Stay

Here you will find all things related to me, Eddy Walda. (Duh I hope that much is clear) Come here for the latest in music, photography, writing, and art. You can send me a message via my contact page, which I will reply to as soon as possible. Soon you will be able to keep track of performances and where I'll be at with a calendar page.


Wow, I made it.

8/26/14. My first full day at Harvard. I moved in yesterday, it was pretty crazy. All this excellence has urged me to get some music recorded and put online. Check out my sound cloud page for exclusive releases of Shelter and Blue Paint. (Hint, Hint, right here.)

A crazy sHot in the Dark

I have entered a contest and I need your help

This contest is based off of views, so I would be so indebted to you if you took two minutes to watch a music video of mine. (More videos will be up here soon.) It could make all the difference. Share the link with your friends if you can. The more the merrier. Thank you all!